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Full Face Correction


As we age, we lose volume in all areas of our face, such as the temples, cheeks, tear troughs, jawline, chin, lips, lateral face and neck. In order to achieve a natural result, ALL areas of volume loss much be addressed using dermal fillers (liquid face lift.) If you replace volume in only one area, the face will look unbalanced, and even make you look older. We also lose collagen and elasticity, which creates laxity of the skin and wrinkles. This is addressed with treatments such as chemical peels, microneedling, PRP, PDO Threads, laser treatments and a medical-grade skincare regimen.


Full face correction starts with a comprehensive treatment plan with Kelle Christianson, PA-C. Kelle combines her knowledge of facial anatomy, symmetry, and the aging process to customize this plan for each patient. This treatment plan usually includes multiple treatments and appointments, as well as dedication to maintenance.

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