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Our owner and Physician Assistant, Kelle Christianson, has spent over a decade fine-tuning her craft of cosmetic injectables and aesthetic treatments. Kelle's approach to injectables and anti-aging is unique. She blends her experience and medical mind with her artistic eye. Her promise is to deliver beautiful, natural results that spark inner confidence.


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Molly Moore
Kelle and the rest of the staff at Soul are amazing! They make you feel comfortable from the moment you enter the office and never upswell you or over do the service you’re there for. Highly encourage a visit with Kelle at Soul!
Ann K.
I wish I could say that I had a stellar experience here like others, but unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. I received Botox here, and it was far too much for my face to handle. I think the most disappointing part is that I very specifically mentioned how many units I typically receive, and I trusted Kelle’s recommendation of adding more, even though I had apprehensions since she had never injected me before. I noticed almost immediately that my brows felt heavy and movement in my forehead was no longer possible after a few days (I asked if I would still have movement and expressed my concerns about eyebrow/eyelid drooping prior to the procedure and was assured I would still have movement). I also experienced headaches for several days as well because it was significantly more than what I’m used to. I don’t doubt that she is great at what she does, her technique and approach were just not a good match for my needs. I know now that I need an injector who has a conservative approach and is willing to wait and see as Botox can’t be removed. I was not comfortable going back for adjustments because it’s impossible to fix being overly treated, so I am stuck having to wait for it to wear off.
Tonya Glocker
The staff are so educated on the services they offer that you feel very comfortable letting them perform the service. I trust them completely. They do fantastic work.
Monica Moore
I won a giveaway for a few different treatments at Soul and I’m beyond impressed. I’ve had Botox before but never any filler, but I trusted Kelle to do what would look best and most natural. My lips are perfect, and we did some chin filler to help my profile and a pop in the cheeks. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my lips, but they are natural enough some people don’t know I had them done, they just look good. My Botox was done by Cassia, and she’s very gentle, got the results I needed and with less Botox than I’d previously had. She knows her stuff. I’ll definitely be back for maintenance and I also got new skincare that I purchased myself and it’s wonderful.
Candy Arnold
Amazing group of women. Kelle knew exactly what I needed and made a huge difference with my face and marionette line in one sitting! Soulfest was fun and very informative! I look forward to future treatments and maintenance.
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